CAPSULE Issue No. 1


Princeton, NJ, 2021

“CAPSULE” is many things: a book, a transcript, an imprint, a timestamp, an experiment in the art of gathering… but ultimately, it began and exists as a living conversation. The text is a fictional round table discussion, fabricated from nine two-on-one interviews conducted over the summer of 2021. The result is a collaborative exploration into (cyber)space/time, and a physical re-enactment of the way we connect, browse, and communicate online. Participants include Wendi Yan, Laurel Schwulst, Lawrence Lek, Eric Li, Rindon Johnson, Leslie Liu, Ben Denzer, Jonathan Zong, and Tiger Dingsun, and all interviews were conducted by Cammie Lee and Megan Pai.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
51 pages
Edition of 100

Hand-bound using pamphlet stitch, with a hanji paper book jacket. Printed at Secret Riso Club in Brooklyn, NY. Design by Megan Pai.