“As an intergenerational collective, each of the artists in NExSE has a different story to tell about language, and thus a different way of relaying its materiality... Reflective of the rich variety of these multi-generational experiences, the exhibition features a vast range of mediums, from ready-made sculpture to the artist book. In their variation, the works form an assemblage that activates language as an central organizing node for the artists of NExSE, and more broadly, the wide-ranging experiences of the Filipino diaspora.”

From “300 Years in a Convent, 50 in Hollywood,” originally published by Princeton’s Effron Center for the Study of America on December 8, 2021.

“Juzo Itami’s widely acclaimed film Tampopo...marries the art of film with the art of cooking to produce a gesamtkunstwerk, or total artwork, of both cinematic and culinary delight. Operatic sequences choreographed to Liszt and Mahler artfully draw the viewer’s attention to even the most insignificant details of a meal—the jeweled beads of fat glistening in a bowl of untouched ramen or the soft, pearlescent meat of a freshly-caught oyster—making the film a feast for the eyes.”

From “Tampopo: Exploring the Makeover Trope in Juzo Itami’s “Ramen Western”,” originally published by GenZCritics on February 27, 2021.

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